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A Clinician's Common Sense Guide to Client Referrals


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You're a mental health professional. A client requires a different level of care than you currently offer. In order to best serve this client, it's time to make a referral. Identifying the need for a referral is the easy part. Now you actually have to figure out what to do. 

Where do you even begin? 

What constitutes a "good" referral? 

What does success look like? 

A good referral strategy goes beyond just having a list of names and phone numbers: excellence of care demands a thorough understanding of what constitutes an effective referral and the ability to identify and access quality providers.

This FREE eBook is intended to provide parameters and insights for creating a referral process that assures the best possible care for all clients. 

"A Clinician's Common Sense Guide to Client Referrals" identifies the 8 key components for successful referrals - with attention to clinical and ethical concerns in each critical area. 

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"Quality and ethical concerns require that all clinicians develop a plan and resources for making patient-centered, effective referrals. Every client has the right to expect that the mental health professional making the referral will make the best recommendation available." - Koocher and Spiegel, 2008

About the Author



Terri Clements Dean, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice and a popular lecturer and author. A former anthropologist, Dr. Dean brings a broad perspective to her clinical work as well as to her organizational understandings. Before moving exclusively into private practice, she was Clinical Director for Safe Recovery Systems, a chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders treatment facility, for ten years, and regional coordinator and clinical supervisor for Georgia Highlands Mental Health Systems, a public sector multi-site mental health treatment organization.  

With 30 years of experience in a variety of addictions and mental health settings, she has a strong commitment to advancing the availability and quality of mental health and addictions treatment.