Frequently Asked Questions about Trusted Provider Network

What is TPN?

Trusted Provider Network is a searchable state-of-the-art tool of clinically verified, ethical interventionists and treatment providers for addiction and mental health referrals. TPN is subscription-based and designed to help mental health and addiction treatment professionals quickly and easily identify and connect with clinically appropriate providers.

Why was TPN created?

Navigating the waters of the mental health and addiction field today is difficult. Issues surrounding ethics plague our industry. As professionals directing client care, we may not always know which provider is the most appropriate for our clients. This is exactly why TPN was created.

How does it work?

The heart of Trusted Provider Network is the clinical search tool. The user has the ability to search for providers based on clinical criteria. Search criteria are specific for each provider type (chemical dependency providers, mental health providers, or interventionists). The user can view detailed information about each provider, which is designed to aid in the decision about where to refer a client. Users are able to contact providers directly and even recommend providers to others.

What is the difference between a subscriber and a provider?

Although anyone can subscribe to access the TPN search tool, it is designed to help mental health and addiction professionals identify and connect with high-quality providers. Subscribers can be clinicians, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists along with other mental health professionals or any professional who has a need to place a client. Users can create a subscription on the website for a minimal fee and have access to the search tool.

TPN network providers are invited to apply for membership. All TPN providers have successfully completed an extensive evaluation process and are searchable through the TPN search tool on the website. We currently have addiction treatment facilities, mental health facilities, and interventionists as TPN providers.

Subscribers and providers are able to connect directly with one another in a safe and clinically verified community.

Who are TPN providers?

Trusted Provider Network currently has chemical dependency and mental health facilities, and interventionists as providers. All TPN providers have successfully completed our extensive vetting process to ensure appropriateness for membership.

Can anyone become a TPN Network Provider?

Not every program is appropriate for membership as a TPN provider. Trusted Provider Network is a private network; membership is by invitation-only and is limited to those providers that have successfully completed TPN’s in-depth vetting process. This process helps ensure that TPN providers are truly providers you can trust.

How are providers selected for membership?

Recommendations for membership are based on trust, good ethical standing, and reputation in the industry. Providers can be identified in many ways; by other TPN providers, subscribers, or other professionals in the addiction and mental health treatment field. Identified providers must then meet TPN’s clinical and professional standards.

How are TPN Providers vetted?

TPN’s vetting process has been designed to identify providers who are both ethical and transparent in their business and clinical practice. Our evaluation process is designed to be both subjective and objective. It begins with reputation and continues with an in-depth application process. We first reach out to respected professionals to solicit input regarding an interested provider. If the feedback we receive is very positive, then the provider completes an application. TPN’s clinical advisor reviews all applications. Our clinical advisor is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field.

Can I pay to come up in search results first?

No, we don’t allow financial incentives. We do not use any third parties, call centers, or 800 numbers. Providers are randomly sorted in the search results.

If I am a therapist am I able to become searchable?

Yes, we have “reverse engineered” TPN to allow subscribers to choose to become discoverable when users are searching for a clinician. Therapists are searchable by both location and clinical specialty. This function provides a critical step in the continuum of care, in that treatment providers are able to connect clients with a clinician post discharge. Only licensed clinicians are able to choose to become searchable.

Can TPN help me make a recommendation for an appropriate provider?

A common dilemma that many professionals face is how to make a recommendation for an appropriate treatment provider to a client, colleague, or friend. TPN has built in a quick and easy solution to help you make a recommendation. After you have searched and identified appropriate providers that you would like to recommend, just check the one’s that you want to recommend, click “Send Selected”, and an email will be created with your recommendations. Each of the providers will be notified that you recommended them! 

Is TPN mobile friendly?

Absolutely! No need to be tied to your desk to find a provider. The need can come at any time.

Is my subscription fee tax deductible?

If you are a professional who uses TPN in your business, your subscription fee should be tax deductible. As with any other business expense, please check with your tax advisor.

Are there any other benefits to becoming a member?

  • Members save time by not having to publicly search or solicit advice from others
  • Increased branding and visibility of your facility or private practice
  • Real-time notifications when referrals and recommendations are made
  • Member badge to display on website and marketing materials
  • On-site training and local networking events 

Can I have a tour of the network?

Absolutely, contact us to schedule a demo.